Big Boss Show

Big Boss Indian Reality Show

Big Boss Show

Big boss, a Television reality show which was derived from the British Big Brother show. In the year 2006, itself Big Boss (Hindi) show came to India through Sony TV. Later it moved on to Colors Tv but at that time the show doesn’t get much popularity among Indians. In the year 2013 producer and franchiser moved the show to Kannada through colors Kannada and Bengali through colors Bangla and in Tamil through Star Vijay and in Telugu through Star Maa. In 2018 they made presence in malayalam through Asianet and in Marathi through colors Marathi.

Big Boss Reality Show
Big Boss Show

Concept and Main Theme of the Show

Actually, in the Initial stage, the Big Boss show was completely played by celebrities to gain popularity through celebrities fame. Later they started to choose the contestant from the public and medium fame persons in every field. Big Boss contestants have to live in a specially constructed house for 100 to 150 days, the house which they are living in is totally isolated from the outside world. Contestants will not be able to get any pieces of information happening outside the world. They are not allowed to use gadgets also.

Big Boss House
Big Boss House

No of Big Boss contestants and no of days will be determined by the program crew. Max in Hindi 143 days with 23 contestants and as min 105 with 17 Big Boss Tamil contestants. The Show will be host mostly by a big celebrity in that particular language.

Big Boss Contestants
Big Boss Contestant

It is not only a game just for entertainment purpose, it is also evaluating the personal character of every contestant and valuating the right person to win the title.

Big Boss Show Rules and Regulations

In that house the contestants are called with a special name “Housemates”.

Big Boss Rules & Regulations
Big Boss Rules & Regulations
  • Stage 1: The housemates are welcomed by the host and they will enter into the specially constructed house with their basic necessary things like dresses and medical needs like tablets, which is isolated from the outside world.
  • Stage 2: They are not allowed to take any gadgets like mobile, laptop etc.,
  • Stage 3: The entire house was filled with cameras and microphones to watch each and every move of contestants (except restrooms)
  • Stage 4: Every week there will be a weekly eviction task where housemates need to choose two of their co-participants to move out of the house.
  • Step 5: This show will also allow the audience i.e., peoples to vote for housemates from specially made application and on websites. The highest vote percentage contestant will be saved from Big Boss Eviction. The contestant getting the lowest vote will be evicted from the house.
  • Step 6: So in the last week only three final contestants will be there. Now the mega Big Boss voting will be taken from the public and they choose the title winner up and runner up.
  • Step 7: The Big Boss Winner will get the cash price on a big real stage in front of the general public
  • Note: The cash price of the show will be announced at the starting stage of the show itself the total sum of the amount will vary from season to season. It depends upon the popularity, Trp rating and everything.

List of Big Boss Languages In India

  • Big Boss Tamil
  • Big Boss Telugu
  • Big Boss Hindi
  • Big Boss Kannada
  • Big Boss Malayalam
  • Big Boss Bangla
  • Big Boss Marathi
 Title Winner
Big Boss Title Winner

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