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Gaur Gopal Das Age, Wiki, Family, Biography and Unknown Facts

Gaur Gopal Das is an Indian lifestyle coach, motivational speaker, and author. He is a member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). He is a former technical engineer at Hewlett Packard. Gaur Gopal Das is one of the very famous monks in the world. he has a huge number of followers and devotees all over the world. Gaur Gopal Das used to appear in TV shows regularly and also on all social media. He has 3 million followers on YouTube and Instagram. His teacher and guru are Radhanath Swami who was a senior monk.

Gaur Gopal Das Wiki
Gaur Gopal Das Wiki

Gaur Gopal Das Family And Early Life

He was born and brought up in Pune, Maharashtra, India in 1973 and he is 47 years old. Details about his father and mother are not available with us soon will be updated. His father passed away in the year 2009 and he was a patient with Parkinson’s disease. Gaur Gopal Das completed his schooling in St.Jude High School, Pune. Then he did a diploma in Electrical Engineering from Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology, Pune in 1992. In the year 1995, he graduated from the College of Engineering, Pune as an Electrical Engineer. It is one of the oldest and famous engineering colleges in Pune and 3rd in Asia.

Gaur Gopal Das Wiki - Family
Gaur Gopal Das Wiki – Family

After completing her studies Gaur Gopal Das worked in a Multi-National Company called Hewlett Packard for more than one year. Then in the year 1996, he left the company and joined ISKCON. He also received an Honorary doctorate from the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology. Gaur Gopal Das is Unmarried and Celibate. He is residing in Mumbai

Gaur Gopal Das Career

While studying Gaur Gopal Das doesn’t know that he is going to be a monk. In his childhood, he never imagined that he is going to be a social media influencer or the person who is a leader of a people. He grew up in a middle-class family in a small town near Pune. His dad worked in the metallurgical department of government. He has one younger sister and he belongs to marvadi caste and follows Jainism. There is no detail available about his mother.

Career Of Gaur Gopal Das
Career Of Gaur Gopal Das

The area in which he lived in his childhood was surrounded by good-hearted people who are doing social activities regularly. So while he was studying college he wanted to help somebody in some way and decided to teach mathematics to two children of 10th grade from a poor background. Those two children were passed and happy with their parents. The gratitude which their parents showed towards Gaur Gopal Das made him choose his career path in the field of helping and counseling. The famous topic of Gaur Gopal Das was

  • Concious leadership for a graceful future ahead
  • The happiness equation in which he speaks about the ancients vies of happiness and hindrance of the happiness equation
  • Coping with stress
  • Fighting with failure
  • Fighiting with depression
  • Spreading love

Gaur Gopal Das has his own youtube channel with 3 million subscribers and 6 million followers on Instagram. Due to their strong contribution in the field of spirituality and motivation, Gaur Gopal Das has been a frequent visitor in the rotary club and Lions Clubs in order to deliver his speeches and inspired young minds.

Path Towards Monastery

Gaur Gopal Das was a university topper in his college and a Gold medalist in the engineering field. He got a placement in Hewlett-Packard from the campus drive itself but he worked there for only eight months. In his 21st age, he joined a monastery in ISKCON, South Mumbai. Gaur Gopal Das has excellent academic knowledge and corporate knowledge. While coming to the monastery he came to know that there were 30 other monks are living and they are too very brilliant and talented in their own fields.

Gaur Gopal Das - The Monk
Gaur Gopal Das – The Monk

After accepting the monastery he learned the incredible quality called humility to accept reality. Initially, his monastery didn’t have enough money so five days a week they got the same vegetable the cheapest one and that was the curry with some rice and dal. Then one fine day he realized that he has joined an ashram for not living a luxurious life but for doing some grateful things. Then he started to give online lectures and counseling to people and organizations about spiritual energy and the monarchy of God. He used to travel often to give motivational speeches in different parts of the world for big corporate companies employees to change spiritual values into business.

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Daily Monastery Routine

Once in an interview on youtube, Gaur Gopal Das explained their Monastery daily routine life. They used to get up early in the morning at 3.30 AM and after refreshing up they have group meditation and followed by prayer sessions in the ashram. Then after 7 AM, they have their breakfast and after breakfast, all monks come together for discussions on scripture on spiritual principles until 9 AM. Then they do their own responsibility jobs which were given by the ashram seniors like administrative works, online course, digital Platforms and also receiving guests. Lunch is around 12.30 PM and after lunch again a discussion happens and some of them go out in the evening to share messages and some other ashram-related works.

Interesting Facts About Gaur Gopal Das

  • He sing song very good and he is a vocalist too
  • Gaur Gopal Das love to play guitar and he is a trained guitarist too
  • He alwasys used to eat the common food that severed to everybody in ashram
  • Daily he do meditation after waking up in the morning and before sleeping at night
  • He have spoken in United Nations and British Parliament
  • Active Member
Interesting Facts About Gaur Gopal Das
Interesting Facts About Gaur Gopal Das

Awards Of Gaur Gopal Das

  • Gold Play Button from YouTube
  • Indian Wikimedia awarded him with IWM award
  • Ideal Young Spiritual Guru Award by the Indian student Parliament, MIT Pune
  • Honorary Doctorate by KIT University
  • LOKMAT’s Most stylish International Life coach Award
  • Rotary International super achiever award in 2016
  • Danveer karna award in 2017

Books By Gaur Gopal Das

  • Conquest
  • Checkmate
  • Revival
  • Life Amazing Secrets

Famous Quotes Of Gaur Gopal Das

  1. Feed your faith, doubts will automatically starve to death.
  2. Bad attitude is like a flat tyre. No one can anywhere unless it is changed.
  3. A large number of misunderstandings can be avoided if individuals just talk to each other instead of talking about each other.
  4. Material joy has two meanings. It makes one insensitive and irresponsible. But spiritual joy makes an individual super sensitive and super responsible.
  5. Never regret knowing individuals who enter your life. Good individuals give you happiness. Bad individuals offer you experience. The worst ones offer you lessons and the best ones give you good memories.
  6. Moderation is key for a balanced life.


NamePrabhu Gaur Gopal Das
Date Of Birth1973
Birth Place Pune, Maharashtra
Living InMumbai
ProfessionMotivational SPeaker and Monk
HobbiesSinging, Playing Guitar
SchoolingSt.Jude High School, Pune
Educational QualificationB.E(EEE)
CollegeCollege Of Engineering, Pune
Net WorthUnknown
Marital StatusUnmarried (celibate)
Father NameUnknown
Mother NameUnknown
SiblingsYounger sister
Instagram Account
Twitter Account
Facebook Account
Youtube Channel
Gaur Gopal Das Biography

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