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Gauranga Das(Iskcon) Age, Wiki, Family, Biography and Unknown Facts

Gauranga Das is a Bhakti Shastri, Monk, and Motivational speaker. He is also the Divisional Director of ISKCON(Govardhan Ecovillage) Mumbai, Maharastra. He gives a lot of motivational and devotional speeches to people which makes many lives brighter and stronger. Not only in Mumbai he is serving in various capacities at the national and global level in the ISKCON organization. He has millions of followers and devotees both in real and virtual. He also wrote many books and was a famous author too.

Gauranga Das Biography
Gauranga Das Biography

Gauranga Das Family And Early Life

He was born and brought up in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh in 1971 and he is 50 years old now. Details about his father and mother are still unknown and he also has one brother. He completed his schooling in English Medium Middle school Sector 9, and later completed his high school in Delhi Public School, Bhilai. Gauranga Das was an Engineering graduate and did his graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in the stream of Metallurgical Engineering (1989-1993). He and his family belong to the Hindu religion and he follows a vegetarian menu. He never got married and he is a Celibate.

Gauranga Das Family
Gauranga Das Family
Gauranga Das won trophy in school days
Gauranga Das won the trophy in school days

Gauranga Das spent his childhood completely in his village, Bhilai and he had a lot of good memories with that place. He has been a bright student right from his childhood. Gauranga Das always scored good marks in studies and also in sports. He is one of the top rankers in his class.

Career of Gauranga Das

While doing his engineering graduation in IIT Bombay his attention was drawn towards Lord Krishna and he used to visit the ISKCON temple regularly. Then later he began to read Bhagavad Gita in his college days and he learns the life things like birth, death, and more about soulful life.

His career turning point occurred when he was studying in his college. When one of his batchmates tried to attempt suicide for not getting a gold medal in academics rather than he bagged a silver medal. The boy hangs himself by a rope, but the rope broke and he was saved from committing the blunder. The reason for his suicide attempt is not getting a gold medal and he always scored a gold medal in all other exams. So that he could not able to handle his failure pressure. He also finds some of his friends roaming happily who have failed in 3 to 5 subjects. So he came to a conclusion that

Gauranga Das Career
Gauranga Das Career

“Certainly, it is not an achievement that makes you happy or unhappy. It must be something more. “

Then he came up with an equation of stress i.e. Stress = Expectation – Reality and Happiness = Attainment – Desire.

Explanation: Indeed expectations are attached to those achievements that define whether a person is happy or not. This made him gather more knowledge about life and inspired him to join ISKCON.

Career Towards Being Monk

While studying his first year and all he never thought to become a monk, rather than he wants to become an engineer. But while he was searching for answers to all his quires about the life he got much knowledge and new things, which attracts him to monk life. In the year 1993 soon after his college, he joined ISKCON as a monk.

Monk Gauranga Das
Monk Gauranga Das

He conducted many Bhagavad Gita seminars in all prominent engineering, medical, and management colleges. Gauranga Das also did many social works to uplift minor sections of society all over India. He also gave a lot of counseling to many cooperative organizations for senior-level managers about stress management.

Motivational speech by Gauranga Das
Motivational speech by Gauranga Das

He also appeared in popular TV shows like “Atma” on Star Vijay, a daily spiritual discourse. He explained a lot of messages from Bhagwat Gita to millions of Indians and to the U.K people.

Duties and Holding of Gauranga Das

  • Global Duty Officer for the ISKCON Governing Body Commission (GBC)
  • Trustee of ISKCON GBC College
  • Member of the GBCOrganizational Development Committee
  • GBC Nominations COmmittee
  • Divisional Director of Devotee Care and Temple Development
  • System and Administration departments of ISKCON temples Worldwide
  • Director of Govardhan Ecovillage (a United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Awardwinning Eco-village community)
  • Co-president of the ISKCON Chowpathy temple
  • Trustee and Adminsitrative Director of Bhaktivedanta Research Centre (BRC),Kolkata

Govardhan Eco-Village

Gauranga Das started Eco-village in the year 2005 with 5 humans and 8 castles. As of now, it is having 250 humans and 100 cattle associated with the village. The main aim of this Govardhan Eco-Village is “to build living spaces, not buildings”, “to build home not house”, “to make people healthier not a doctor”.

Bio Gas In Eco village of Gauranga Das
Bio Gas In Eco village of Gauranga Das
Organic Farming in Ecovillage
Organic Farming in Ecovillage
Children's in Gurukul learning organic Farming
Children’s in Gurukul learning organic Farming

The ultimate objective of this village is to make use of natural elements to live like buildings mud walls for home, Making energy from the sun, Furl from cow dung and modern technology like plastic pyrolysis plant, Solid biotechnology plant for food waste management.

Rural Development program of Ecovillage

Gauranga Das also started the Rural development program of Govardhan Ecovillage works for empowering women from tribal villages in Palghar. In the last few years, over 200+ self-help groups consisting of over 2000+ women are part of this. As a result, all these women are able to support their families economically. this program impacted over 12000 family people in tribal villages. The essence of the program is to capture the strength of women in a rural environment and empowering them with an inclusive participatory

Rural Development programs for Womens
Rural Development programs for Women’s

Interesting Facts about Gauranga Das

  • During Covid-19 times Gauranga Das and his fellow devotees managed to cook for more than 5000 peoples in a day and served to poor people.
  • He lectures on spiritual awakening and sustainable living.
  • Represented ISKCON at various conferences like TEDX and corporats like intel salesforce, google etc.,
  • In the year 2021 likely to be introduce ISKCON school in Avanti. There are 14 ISKCON school running in UK by his name
  • He is alos running a deaddicting programs for youngester who is addicted towards durgs and other things by teaching Yga and meditation
  • He is also involved in training future bureaucrats and public leaders in responsible mindful leadership with character and integrity
Covid-19 Relief Food By ISKCON
Covid-19 Relief Food By ISKCON
Gauranga Das Cooking in ISKCON
Gauranga Das Cooking in ISKCON

Books Of Gauranaga Das

Business with a Purpose: A book that elaborates the ‘Four-Eleven Framework’ for a purposeful business

Revival, Conquest, and Checkmate: Series of 3 books listing out Vedic Alternatives for Youth offering better lifestyle habits

Bhajans Bhojan: A recipe book listing out the recipes of the ISKCON Chowpatty temple

Books By Gauranga Das
Books By Gauranga Das

Famous Quotes of Gauranga Das

“Success is not just in External achievement but in understanding the performance and in the culture of putting our best possible efforts in every activity”

“The people who make a difference in our lives are usually not the ones with the most awards, accolades, and achievements. They are the ones who cared for us.”

“Mind is like a foot, satisfaction is like a shoe – Aways wear the shoes to protect your foot”

“Loss of results is not such a huge loss as compared to the loss of a person’s confidence”

“A person with a controlled mind will not allow any circumstances to affect and impact him”

“Real wealth is not the assets which we require but the ability to discriminate between reality and illusion”

“A person with a controlled mind will not allow any circumstances to affect and impact him”


Full NameGauranga Prabhu Das
Date of BirthUnknown
Age50 years (Approx)
Birth PlaceBhilai, Chhattisgarh
Living InMumbai
Father NameUnknown
Mother NameUnknown
Siblingsone brother
SchoolingsDelhi Public School
CollegeIndian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Educational QualificationEngineering Graduate (Metallurgical)
ProfessionMonk, Motivational Speaker, Bhakti Shastri
Marital StatusCelibate
Height5’5 feet
Hair ColorBald
Eye ColorDark Brown
Food HabitVegetarian
HobbiesReading, Cooking
Facebook Account
Twitter Account
Instagram Account
Gauranga Das Biography

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