Radhe Jaggi

Radhe Jaggi (Sadhguru Daughter) Age, Family, Husband, And Lifestyle

Radhe Jaggi is an Indian classical Bharathanatiyam Dancer and a daughter of the famous Isha Foundation Founder Jaggi Vasudev aka Sadhguru. Jaggi Vasudev is an Indian Yoga teacher, writer, poet, and motivational speaker having a Huge number of followers all over the world. Now let’s come to Radhe Jaggi’s Biography.

Radhe Jaggi Age
Radhe Jaggi Age

Radhe Jaggi Family

She was born in the year 1990 and she is 31 years old now. Her father’s name is Jaggi Vasudev and her mother’s name is Vijaya Kumari. Her mother died at the age of 33. At the age of 24, Radhe Jaggi married Sandeep Narayanan in a private ceremony organized by her father in Isha Foundation Compound in a great luxury manner on September 3, 2014. Though it was a VVIP marriage function media persons and outsiders were not allowed to attend the wedding ceremony.

Radhe Jaggi Marriage Photo
Radhe Jaggi Marriage Photo

Only well-known personalities like Kiran Bedi, Shekar Kapur, Akbar Padamsee, and Juhi Chawla blessed the couples.

Abou Her Father Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev)

Initially, Jaggi Vasudev was teaching yoga and delivered spiritual meditation to the peoples which brought him a huge number of people under their follower list. Not only in Yoga Sadhguru have many versatile challenges and knows many things like architecture, Consultant, Author, Poet, Writer, Motivational speaker, etc.

Many books of Sadhguru appeared in New York Times Bestseller list and he is also involved in social-environmental activities all over the world.

Jaggi Vasudev With Her Daughter
Jaggi Vasudev With Her Daughter

he is the founder of the Great Isha Yoga Foundation (A non Profit organization runs in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India). This foundation provides yoga programs and schools to all peoples over the world.

Sadhguru in Isha Yoga Foundation
Sadhguru in Isha Yoga Foundation

Radhe Jaggi And her Husband Career

To be known Radhe Jaggi was a classical dancer and her husband Sandeep Narayanan is a Chennai-based Classical Singer. Her parents got married in the year 1984 and it was a beautiful love marriage that happened in the Mysore city of Karnataka.

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Radhe Jaggi With Her Husband Sandeep Narayanan
Radhe Jaggi With Her Husband Sandeep Narayanan

Her mother was worked in a bank and supported Jaggi very much in the earlier stage of life. Jaggi Vasudev was very much interested in racing and motorcycling. Her mother always wanted to be a classical dancer but she couldn’t. So she made her daughter Radhe learn classical dancing from childhood itself.

Radhe Jaggi Dance Show
Radhe Jaggi Dance Show

Radhe did her schooling in Rishi Valley School and went to Karnata for learning Bharathanatiyam. Her Guru is the great classical dance, Leela Samson. She learned all the in and out of dancing and made her first stage performance in 2017 at the Golden Jubilee celebration on kalasagaram cultural music festival.

Radhe Jaggi’s Life Style

Radhe Jaggi is leading a healthy upper-middle-class life even though her father is a billionaire she is leading a classical baramin lifestyle in Tamil Nadu. On her Instagram page, she always used to post her dancing videos and about her daily lifestyle.

Life Style Of Radhe Jaggi
Life Style Of Radhe Jaggi

The latest article in The Hindu Newspaper states that in the month of January (Tamil Month Margazhi) Radhe Jaggi used to wear and promote handloom sarees most and she describes that the handloom sarees are showcasing the femininity among the society they live.

Radhe’s relationship with the classic drape began when she was a teenager. “When my mother passed away, my father, Sadhguru (spiritual guru, Jaggi Vasudev), handed me her saris. Even though she wasn’t a big wearer of the sari – my parents spent most of their married life traveling the country on a bike – that collection became a collectible, with its whiff of memories.”

Saree Influencer Radhe Jaggi
Saree Influencer Radhe Jaggi

Radhe Jaggi is 30 years old but with great enthusiasm, she is looking very young. Maybe it’s because her profession of dancing gave her a healthy life. As a dancer, Radhe Jaggi is having a decent height and a flexible body and she is 5 feet 6inches in height.


NameRadhe Jaggi
Date of Birth1990
Father NameJaggi Vasudev Aka Sadhguru
Mother NameVijaya Kumari
Husband NameSandeep Narayanan
Birth PlaceMysore, Karnataka
Living InChennai, Tamil Nadu
ProfessionDancer, Yoga Teacher and Social Media Influencer
Net Worth25 Million
HobbiesDancing and Social Media
Facebook Accounthttps://www.facebook.com/radhejaggi
Instagram Accounthttps://www.instagram.com/radhejaggi/?hl=en
Twitter AccountNot in Twitter
Radhe Jaggi Biography

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  1. Just a thought came.Jaghi vasudev said we should not gift the items of the dead to anyone.How come he gave ur mother’s sari to you…..

  2. Interesting observation
    Could it be that maybe gifting clothes that have been owned but not worn by the deceased is ok since the clothes are not imbibed with the persons energy? It sounds like they were Saris that her mother never wore or maybe wore very rarely.

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