The Step By Step Process To Mounting 50 Inch TV

Mounting a 50-inch TV can elevate your home entertainment experience to new heights. Whether you are looking to save space or enhance the aesthetics of your living room, properly mounting your television is a crucial step towards achieving these goals. With the advent of sleeker and slimmer flat-screen TVs, wall mounting has become increasingly popular. However, it is essential to follow a step-by-step process to ensure secure installation and optimal viewing angles. This article will guide you through each stage of mounting a 50-inch TV, providing expert tips and insights.

Steps to mount 50-inch TV

When your 50-inch TV arrives, then you need to mount it properly. It is crucial so you can enjoy the content and save the TV from damage. TCL 50″ CLASS 5-SERIES 4K QLED DOLBY VISION HDR SMART ROKU TV 50S535 is one of the best 50-inch TVs. The TV comes with every smart feature you need in this fast-forwarding world. Here are the steps to mount that beauty on your wall like a pro.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Before diving in, ensure you have all the tools you need. A stud finder, a drill, a screwdriver, a level, and, of course, the TV mount kit. You want to avoid running around looking for stuff midway.

Step 2: Choose the Perfect Spot

Think about where you want your TV to be. A cozy corner or right in the center? Consider eye level and glare from windows. Once decided, use the stud finder to locate the studs in the wall; they’re your TV’s best friends for support.

Step 3: Attach the Bracket

Time to attach the mounting bracket to the back of your TV. Most TVs have a VESA pattern that matches the bracket’s holes. Secure it nice and tight.

Step 4: Find Your Inner DIY-er

Hold the bracket against the wall where you want your TV to be. Now, mark the spots where the screws will go. Drill pilot holes; they make screwing easier and save your walls from undue stress.

Step 5: Let’s Get Hanging

Hold the mounting bracket against the wall, aligning it with the pilot holes. Secure it by screwing it into the wall. Double-check with a level to avoid a wonky setup.

Step 6: Safety First: Attach the Arms

Attach the arms to the TV; these will slide into the mounting bracket on the wall. It’s like hugging your TV from behind. Make sure they’re firmly locked. Ask anyone to help lift the TV and hook it onto the wall bracket.

Step 7: Final Adjustments

With your TV hanging like a masterpiece, give it a little nudge. It should stay put. If not, adjustments might be needed. You want your TV as snug as a bug.

Step 8: Tidy Up Cables and plugin

Now that your TV is on the wall, it’s time to handle those unruly cables. Tuck them in using clips or adhesive cable organizers. Plug in all your devices and make sure everything works like a charm.


We hope you have learned how you can mount your 50 inch tv. If you want to mount your TV safely, follow the tips mentioned in this post. With this step-by-step guide, you will easily mount your TV.

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